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August 27, 2015

20 Vintage Photos of Dapper British Teddy Boys and Girls From the 1950s and 1960s

In 1953, the major newspapers reported on the sweeping trend in men's fashion across all the towns of Britain, towards what was termed the New Edwardian look. However the working class Edwardian style had been on the street since at least 1951, because the style had been created on the street by the street and by working class teenagers and not by Saville Row or the fashion designers.

The name "Teddy Boy", was not officially born until September 23rd 1953 when a Daily Express newspaper headline shortened Edward to Teddy and coined the term 'Teddy Boy'. Nevertheless, it is also known that a number of girlfriends of working class Edwardian's were referring to them as Teddy Boys well before the Daily Express used its media power to officially christen Edwardian's into Teddy Boys.

Teddy Boys admiring the view on Clapham Common in 1954.

18th February 1954. Teddy Boys and Teenagers before the advent of Rock 'n' Roll in England.

10th October 1953. London gang member Colin Donellan dressed in fashionable Edwardian Teddy Boy style on Clapham Common.

Teddy Boys at the Mecca Royal Dance Hall, Tottenham, Middlesex (North London) pictured in the Picture Post on 29th May 1954.

Picture Post, 29th May 1954. Frank Harvey pictured outside the Co-op in Tottenham, North London. Frank in later years ran a pet shop called "Alan's Pet Supplies" at 75 Silver Street in nearby Edmonton. Apparently when Frank ran the shop he had this photograph of him behind the counter.

A Best Dressed Teddy Boy Competition at Nottingham in 1956.

Mick Farrell, a well dressed Teddy Boy from 1956.

Teddy Boys at Greenwich, London in 1956.

Portsmouth Teddy Boys, ca. 1955-56.

Teddy Boy Johnny Gard dances with a "Judie" (Teddy Girl) in a London suburban Dance Hall, 1954.

1956 photo shoot on a Saturday afternoon in Pompey. Original Southsea Teddy Boy, Hugh Finnegan recalls: "Not much else to do in them days, had to wait till 7.30pm for any dance halls to open, also pubs opened at 6pm and closed at 10.30pm but we still had a good time!!"

Teddy Boy and Girl.

Photograph by Ken Russell January 1955 of Teddy Girls, Pat Wiles and Iris Thornton, aged 17 from Plaistow, showing off their lace up espadrilles.

The Stag-Line at a Dance Hall. The Teddy Boy in the centre is wearing an Edwardian outfit, which may have cost him as much as £50.00 ( very expensive at the time). Note the Long Jacket with 'Shawl' collar and single link button fastening (nearly coming off), Drainpipe trousers, thick Crepe soled shoes ('Creepers') and parallel-striped 'Slim Jim' tie. The boy on the right has a 'Tony Curtis' haircut and is wearing crepe soled suede shoes. - July 1955.

A Teddy Boy with his girl 'Moon Dance' at a Dance Hall - July 1955 - note the Drape Jacket with half back full velvet collar with 16-17" turned up trousers and Brogue Shoes.

Two original 1954 Teddy Boys at Kingston upon Thames wearing Drape Jackets with 4" wide lapels, silk patterned waistcoats and trousers with pleated fronts and 16" bottoms with turn-ups.

Alec Cruickshank, a clerk in a City of London shipping office poses ready to go into Mecca's Royal Dance Hall, Tottenham, on 29th May 1954. Taken from the Picture Post article: "The Truth about Teddy Boys".

Boys wearing Edwardian style clothes at the "Teen Canteen" at Elephant & Castle, South London, July 1955 - note the unusually long sideburns of the Teddy Boy with the double breasted waistcoat for the period..

Teddy Boys gather outside a Picture House on the Old Kent Road, 1955.

Derek Keates (known as "The Sheriff" due to his Western Gambler image) with girlfriend Valerie Kitts at a Best Dressed Teddy Boy Competition in 1954 who is wearing a rolled collar Drape Jacket with half-moon pockets with full velvet trim and wearing a genuine "Bootlace Tie".

(via The Edwardian Teddy Boy)


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