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August 13, 2015

1960s Dating Advice: 10 Ways to Avoid Having to Say No

This advice comes from Art Unger, editor of Datebook’s Complete Guide to Dating. Because in the 1960s even though boys knew they weren’t going to get into girl’s circle skirts they still tried. And because it was the early 60s and women weren’t supposed to make noise they weren’t really allowed to slap men across the face. Here are just about 10 ways you can avoid having to say no:

1. Double date — there is safety in numbers.

2. Choose your own location — avoid the parked cars, the back porch glider. Meet him on your own ground.

3. Laugh off a line — don’t let the conversatuon reach a point of no return.

4. Change the subject — take his mind off THE topic and switch it into other channels.

5. Be honest — it’s sometimes difficult to talk frankly, but often it’s the only way.

6. Move away. When you find you find yourself surrounded — sound retreat!

7. Keep the lights up — a romantic atmosphere is fine, but only if you’re seeking romance.

8. Dress for the occasion — the clothes you wear may be an invitation you didn’t know you’d written.

9. Act like a lady — and you’ll be treated like one.

10. Watch the company you keep — your own reputation depends on it.

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