August 18, 2015

15 Vintage Photographs of Architecture and Landscape in Sydney Before the 1900s

Here is a small vintage photo collection of architecture and landscape in Sydney before the 1900s.

Wynyard Square, ca. 1897

St Mary's Cathedral, ca. 1897

University of Sydney, ca. 1897

Sydney Town Hall, ca. 1897

General Post Office, ca. 1897

Queen's Statue, ca. 1897

Manly Beach, ca. 1897

Royal Botanic Gardens, ca. 1897

Circular Quay, ca. 1897

Hyde Park, ca. 1897

Sydney Hospital, ca. 1897

St. Andrew's Cathedral, ca. 1897

Sydney Observatory, ca. 1897

Park entrance, Parramatta, ca. 1897

Lavender Bay, ca. 1897


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