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July 2, 2015

When They Were Young: 25 Rare Vintage Portraits of Famous Rock Stars When They Were Children

Have you ever wondered what Rock stars look like when they were children? Here's a collection of rare childhood photographs of 25 famous Rock stars, via Dangerous Minds.

1. Debbie Harry

2. David Bowie

3. Dolly Parton

4. Brian Eno

5. John Lennon

6. Kathleen Hanna

7. Kelley and Kim Deal

8. Lydia Lunch

9. Marc Bolan

10. Joey Ramone with his father

11. A one year old Diana Ross with her older sister Barbara Jean “Bobbi”

12. GG Allin

13. Sid Vicious

14. Brian Jones

15. Boy George

16. Patti Smith

17. Lemmy Kilmister

18. Jimi Hendrix and dad

19. Janis Joplin

20. Freddie Mercury

21. John Lydon

22. Ian Curtis

23. Syd Barrett

24. Genesis P-Orridge, then known as Neil Megson

25. Björk

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