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July 23, 2015

Rare Photos of John F. Kennedy and Wife Jackie Vacationing With Friends in Cape Cod, 1961

Dozens of never-released photos show former President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, in their swimsuits enjoying a day at the beach on Cape Cod.

They were taken in August 1961 by Washington Post heiress Katharine Graham at the estate of Rachel “Bunny’’ Mellon and her banker husband, Paul.

John F. Kennedy and Listerine heiress Rachel 'Bunny' Mellon relaxing outside on the deck.

Jackie and her host, banker Paul Mellon, are pictured chatting on what appears to be the deck of the Cape Cod property.

Jackie Kennedy, who was known for her impeccable fashion taste, is pictured in many of the images looking incredibly casual and carefree.

John F. Kennedy can be seen swimming alongside a male companion

John F. Kennedy wearing his back brace, which was designed to help alleviate his chronic back pain - and which he is believed to have been wearing on the day of his death.

Jackie is lighting a cigarette, while deep in discussion with a male friend.

The couple, whose own summer retreat in Hyannis Port was just a few miles away, can be seen enjoying a boat trip with their friends in this rare picture.

The group enjoying a day out at the beach.

The Kennedys enjoying with their friends.

(Photos © Katharine Graham / Courtesy RR Auction, via Daily Mail Online)

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  1. I'm just reading The Pink Suit book. It's a great insight into the clothes that Jackie wore. The pink suit is of course what she was wearing on the terrible day jfk was shot




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