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July 4, 2015

Rare Photographs of Yosemite Valley from 1910

Roughly 105 years ago, a guy and his family embarked on a summer holiday adventure. They started their journey to Yosemite Valley from Fresno, CA. He documented their trip and pasted his photographs into a little photo album. The first page of the album says "Views of Yosemite Valley and Trip, July 1 to 26th, 1910, Photos by CK Wakefield". These photographs recently published on Imgur by TetsandSass.

The Start, June 28th

El Capitan Face

Yosemite Falls (Distance) from main road

Valley View Point, Yosemite Trail

Soldier's Grounds, from Valley View Point, Floor of Valley

Upper Yosemite, 1600 ft Fall, from trail

Wall of Valley, above camp Ahwahnee, 1 1/2 miles distant, from Valley View Pt

Glacier Pt Trail, Note zig zag trail, 1 mile distant, from Yosemite Pt

Half Dome and High Sierras, 2 miles distant, from Yosemite Pt

Hetch-Hetchy Country, from Yosemite Pt. Trail

At Foot of Yosemite Falls

Illilouette Falls, from Vernal Trail

Nevada, Vernal Falls, first view, from bridge

Merced Creek, from near Vernal

Vernal Falls, 305 ft fall, note spray, from Lady Franklin Rock

Vernal Falls, note darts???, 305 ft fall - 80 ft wide, from Lady Franklin rock

Vernal Falls, fake picture???, printed wrong, impossible from this view???

Vernal Trail, Chain replaced wooden ladder

On the Pike

Nevada Falls, front view, from road

Nevada Falls, Side View, from zig-zag trail

Mirror Lake, mounted up-side down

Mirror Lake, foot of Half Dome

Mirror Lake, Mt. Watkins

Wakefield-Fresno, Home, Picture with thread

Life Saver and Crew, Hash and Biscuits, 3 times a day & Prune

No Feathers

Royal Arches and North Dome, From pasture

Washington Column, Scene from Camp, from Stoneman bridge

Glacier Pt, first attempt, from pasture

Glacier Pt, 3200 ft up, from pasture

Bridal Veil Falls, from trough

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Aggissiz Column, Balanced Rock, Glacier Trail, Half way point

Overhanging Rock, Glacier Pt. 3200 ft straight down

Overhanging Rock, Glacier Pt

Overhanging Rock, Glacier Pt

Vernal, Nevada and Little Yosemite Valley, from Glacier Point

Grizzly Giant, Mariposa Grove

Grizzly Giant, Mariposa Grove

General Sheridan & Cabin at Grove, Mariposa

Tree Wawona, Mariposa Grove


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