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July 16, 2015

40 Retro Computer Ads of Yesteryears

Still remember the good old days with joysticks and bulky monitors? 1TB hard disks may now be a common sight, but did you know that people used to be excited over ads promoting 10MB hard disks? Modems were the size of radios, the Macintosh computer looked like a typewriter, and laptops reminded us of toolboxes. Here's a collection of 40 retro computer advertisments from the past...

$3,459 For 10 Megabytes Hard Disk.

10 Megabyte Hard Disk System: $3,695.

80 Mbytes For Under $12K / 300 Mbytes For Under $20K.

The Hard Disk You’ve Been Waiting For.

Low-cost Hard Disk Computers Are Here.

Seagate ST4096.

1-2-3 Advertisement from Byte.

Two Bytes Are Better Than One.

2 Cents A Byte!

The New 16K RAM Card That Turns Your Computer into A Working Giant.

1976 Apple 1 Ad.

Apple Makes Great Carrots.

Borge Specifies Verbatim.

ExtenSys 64K for $1495.

Logitech HiREZ Mouse.

Lotus Magellan 2.0.

Can Your Processor Pass This Screen Test?

Computer Operation in Real-Time.

Sexy Penril Modem.

Sony 3.5" Floppy Disk.

Shugart Disk Drive.

1979 Apple II “Adam”.

Apple IIc.

Apple II and III.

Commodore VIC-20.

IBM 5510 Computing System.

What Kind of Man Owns His Own Computer?

First Microsoft Mouse.

Osborne Computer.

Putting Color to Work in Computers.

The Small Computer That Won’t Fence You In.

The Imagination Machine.

TRS-80 Model 100 Video.

Computers: ZX80.

How to Turn A Sea of Data into Data You Can See.

How to Send Mail At 670 Million mph.

Commodore 64.

1984 Newsweek Macintosh Introduction.

What The Heck is Electronic Mail?

Keystick: Keyboard Joystick.

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