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July 21, 2015

20 Vintage Photos Show a Different Side of Pakistani Life from Between the 1950s and 1970s

A pipe and paper in the yard, ca. 1950s

A writer helping a client with government documents, ca. 1950s

Mountaineers at K-2, hoping for better weather, ca. 1950s

A typical market scene, ca. 1950s

A young female doctor and her daughter, ca. 1950s

The same doctor giving a public health announcement on Pakistani radio, ca. 1950s

Miss P. Sheikh playing tennis, 1956. Though Ms. Sheikh was Pakistani, this image was taken in Cryoden, England.

The appointment of the current Aga Khan near Karachi, 1958

A group of students at Nishtar Medical College in Multan, ca. 1960s

Siblings vacationing in Murree, ca. 1960s

A middle-class driveway, complete with VW van, ca. 1960s

Bottles of Pakola and saucers of chai in Korangi, 1960

A young female doctor welcomed home at Karachi airport, 1968

Shade and style, ca. 1970s

A young couple on their wedding in Rawal Pindi, 1971

…and on their honeymoon in Wan Cannt

Medical students on vacation, ca. 1970s

Building snowmen in Murree, ca. 1970s

Warm chai in the snow, ca. 1970s

Young students in Lahore, ca. 1970s

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  1. Great city before it was destroyed by Democrats and their fascism.




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