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June 30, 2015

How the Lesbian Gay Websites Looked Like in Their Early Days in the 1990s

The internet changed everything for a lot of marginalized, disconnected groups of human beings, especially the gay ones. Lesbians took to the web in droves and with great passion and enthusiasm, some establishing their own dykey webnooks but mostly creating pages and pages of links to various dykey webnooks. A look back on the earliest versions of LGBT websites in the mid-1990s.

Out Magazine - December 1996

Gay.Net - November 1996 - December 1998

Anything That Moves - November 1998

LesbiaNation - May 1998

Butch-Femme - April 1999 - February 1997

PlanetOut - February 1997

Advocate - October 1996

Gay Center - December 1996



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