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June 22, 2015

Color Photographs of Street Scenes of Berkeley and Oakland, California in the 1970s

When Richard Friedman came to Berkeley from Greenwich Village in 1968 to take a job at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, it took a while for his eyes to adjust. One of the first photographs he took in the city shows a street with the hills rising behind it.

Friedman continued to take pictures, many of which, with the benefit of hindsight, have taken on historical significance. There are dramatic shots of People’s Park in the immediate aftermath of the 1969 riots when the military took over. There’s a photograph of Moe Moscowitz, cigar hanging from his mouth, at the counter of his eponymous bookstore in 1975. There’s counterculture in full bloom at the Berkeley Folk Festival in Live Oak Park in 1970, and there are several pictures of Caffé Espresso at Hearst and Euclid, where Friedman would spend many a happy hour in his early years in the city. “Long gone and very much missed,” he says.

(Photographs © Richard Friedman, via Berkeleyside)


  1. from 3:00 it is clearly images from Munich...

  2. Fascinating, and still completely captivating after all these years.

  3. That's a picture of San Francisco Bay taken from the Berkeley Hills above the University of California. That is Berkeley in the foreground.

    The view is looking west through the Golden Gate and shows (L to R) Yerba Buena, Alcatraz, and Angel Islands.

    Here's a webcam of the same view today:




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