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June 9, 2015

50 Funny and Interesting Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in the U.S. From the Early 20th Century

These interesting vintage photos captured everyday life in the U.S. from between the 1900s and 1940s:

Women and their proposing beaus

Children playing with puppets

Girls basketball 1931 style

Couple with big feet arcade photo

Hawaiian Hula beauties

Turn of century girls in a play

A graceful gal of the 1920s

Man photographs a swan on the banks of a pond

Dog poses with his owner on steps

A very common pose back in the day

Women smoking cigars

Young women hold fancy china ready for their tea party

Children on their sled

Geraldine Reed in 1933

Women putting their heads together at the beach

Young men boxing by the railroad tracks

Girls in a the turn of the century

A costumed and poised girl poses in a cap circa 1910

A boy and girl climb the Eiffel tower in this arcade photo

The basketball season of 1924 and 1925 was a tough seen by these gals

Theater postcard of the 1920s

A young women checks her make up

Women in theater costumes

Two women walk with backs to the camera

1920s Flapper's with a basketball

Hey...that stinks!

Sign of the times

A young woman poses with the Queen Elizabeth ship

Teens and a car ...before and after

Girl with a cow on the farm

A boy poses with a McCaw

California I come

Funny group on carousel

Great lines angles and especially curves this girl has it all wrapped in sweetness

Young girls have fun at construction site

Teenage girls frolic near the water in 1910s

Homely girl wades in the ocean

Vintage antique store and woman's billowing dress

Japanese push cart vendor. This fellow needs to take a rest, now and then...and he can still make money standing still as well....5 yen just to sit in his cart for a photo.

Circus acrobatic girl does a split

Take a pet to the hospital ...and cheer somebody up

Photo cut outs

Girls with music sheets

Not going anywhere ... too soon

Fun vintage images bought at the 28th annual DC photo show. They posed this pose a lot back then

Young woman poses with her airplane in the 1940s

High school cheerleaders practicing

Fishing contest at the Jefferson Memorial in late 1930s

Pageant 1920s flapper style

Pageant 1920s flapper style

(Photos via John Mathew Smith)


  1. Although it sucks to be on the street, I gotta say, if I was going to be
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  2. Freaking awesome - thanks, Paul Zone!

  3. killer photos. hard to believe a 14-year-old took these! great eye.

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