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June 5, 2015

30 Stunning Black and White Photographs of London in the 1930s and 1940s

Arriving in London in 1935, the Viennese photographer Wolfgang Suschitzky is best known for his depictions of London in the 1930s and 1940s. However a photography career spanning 70 years has seen him capture many subjects, all with the same genuine affection.

The Matchbox, London, 1936

Shoe shine, Charing Cross Road, London, 1937

Lyons Corner House, Tottenham Court Road, London, 1941

Tenements, London, 1936

London, Stepney, 1934

Hurlingham Club, London, 1939

London, 1937

Street cleaner, Westminster, London, 1934

At monument station, London, 1938

Charing Cross Road, London, 1936

Festival of Britain, South Bank, 1951

Sunday morning, Oldham, 1946

Charing Cross Road, Beaumonts, London, 1937

London, Zoo, 1941

Paving, Charing Cross Road, London, 1936

East End, London, 1934

Hyde Park, London, 1934

Charing Cross Road, London, 1937

Wyndham’s Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London, 1934

London, 1945

Milkman, Charing Cross Road, London, 1935

Harrods, 1939

London Docks, 1935

Embankment, London, 1947

Charing Cross Road, London, 1936

King’s Cross Station, London, 1939

Cambridge Circus, London, 1936

Foyles, Charing Cross Road, 1936

Victoria bus station, 1939

V-E Day, Piccadilly Circus, 1945




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