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June 8, 2015

24 Strange Beauty Queens and Pageants From the Past

It’s not clear when exactly humans began to worship beauty, but it’s pretty sure that the idea has been around for a long time, judging from the way some goddesses are represented in mythology.

Beauty pageants are another way of worshipping beauty at the altar of the ramp. However, there are certain pageants that puts a spin on the more conventional varieties. Check out these 24 most bizarre beauty pageant queens of all time.

1. Miss Radio Queen, 1939

2. Miss Sausage Queen, 1955

Sponsored by the Zion Meat Company during National Hot Dog Week.

3. Miss Sweater Queen, 1952

4. Miss Queen of Cuisine, 1964

5. International Posture Queen, 1957

6. Miss Indoor Health Queen, 1967

7.  Miss Orange Queen, ca. 1930s

8. National Catfish Queen, 1954

9. Miss Magic Marker, 1954

10. Donut Queen, 1948

11. Miss Lovely Eyes Contest, ca. 1930s

12. Miss Hurst, ca. 1970s

13. Miss Correct Posture, 1956

14. Miss Bobbed Hair, 1925

15. The Most Beautiful Ape Contest, 1972

Gary Owens on stage with contestants in the Most Beautiful Ape contest, Century City, California, 1972. Dominique Green, contestant No. 2, won title of Most Beautiful Ape and a role in Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

16. Miss Atomic Bomb, 1957

17. Miss Mink, 1960

18. Miss Lemon, 1920

19. Miss National Laugh Queen, 1961

20. Miss Frankfurter Queen, 1952

21. Miss Diaper Queen, 1947

Betty Barrett crowned Miss Diaper Queen, Chicago, 1947.

22. Miss Donut Week Queen

23. Miss Blueberry Queen, 1955

24. Miss Idaho Potato, 1935


  1. These really are odd!

    Nice that Sweater Girl 1972 already has her future laid out for her.

    So writing on boobs with markers goes back at least as far as 1954?

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  3. Mom, born late 1920s, grew up in San Francisco, rollerskated everywhere, skate key on a string around her neck.. On especially steep hills, she had to walk the skates up sideways. She dated the servicemen during WWII. If one of them got "fresh" as she put it, she'd clock him with her skates.

  4. "Miss Indoor Health"? LOL. These were certainly interesting, I had a lot of fun with this article. Mel at




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