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June 12, 2015

16 Captivating Photographs of Audrey Hepburn Show Everyday Life of a Hollywood Icon

In his distinguished career as a Hollywood photographer, Bob Willoughby captured Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda, but remains unequivocal about his favorite subject: Audrey Hepburn.

Willoughby was called in to shoot the new starlet one morning shortly after she arrived in Hollywood in 1953. It was a humdrum commission for the portraitist often credited with having perfected the photojournalistic movie still, but when he met the Belgian-born beauty, Willoughby was enraptured. “She took my hand like… well a princess, and dazzled me with that smile that God designed to melt mortal men’s hearts,” he recalled.

Here, a collection of 16 captivating photographs of Audrey Hepburn taken by Bob Willoughby from between 1953-1966.

Audrey Hepburn at a photo shoot with photographer Bob Willoughby, 1953

Audrey Hepburn pictured in a still from one of her most famous films, My Fair Lady

Audrey Hepburn at a photo shoot with photographer Bob Willoughby, 1953

The star wears striking earrings during a photo session at Paramount Studios in 1953

She chats with director George Kukor on the set of My Fair Lady while Assam, her Yorkshire terrier, sits in the basket of the bike she used to cycle around the studio grounds

Audrey Hepburn climbs into the Paramount Studios car waiting to return her to the hotel after a photo session with photographer Bud Fraker

In one particularly striking photo, Hepburn is seen looking downcast with her Green Mansions co-star Anthony Perkins, who is seemingly attempting to cheer her up

Sean, Audrey's son by Mel Ferrer, plays with his mother while actor James Garner beams

Hepburn pictured flaunting her famous doe eyes in a still from Paris When It Sizzles

Hepburn wore a striking red leotard to do some exercising and stretching in the garden

Hepburn wears a dress designed for her by Givenchy while reclining on a bed in Paris When It Sizzles

Hepburn grins as she greets the international press, who were invited to attend the first day of shooting of My Fair Lady

Hepburn pictured with Bob Willoughby, who passed away in 2009

Audrey Hepburn at the villa the Ferrers rented while shooting Paris When It Sizzles

Hepburn takes her pet fawn Pippa or 'Ip' shopping in Gelson's supermarket, in Beverly Hills

Willoughby is pictured examining a still of Audrey Hepburn

(Photos © Bob Willoughby/ TASCHEN, via Daily Mail Online)

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