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May 9, 2015

28 Stunning Vintage Photos Show Bathing Beauties From Between the 1920s and 1940s

By the early 1920s women’s bathing suits were reduced to a one piece garment with a long top that covered shorts. Though matching stockings were still worn, vintage swimwear began to shrink and more and more flesh was exposed from the bottom of the trunks to the tops of the stockings. By the mid-1920s Vogue magazine was telling its readers that “the newest thing for the sea is a jersey bathing suit as near a maillot as the unwritten law will permit.”

These interesting vintage snaps show young women posed in their bathing suits from the 1920s, '30s and '40s.


  1. disqus_Q6oGbWKud4May 9, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    and what's sexist about these? it's all about good taste and being a proper lady.

  2. Can you even believe it?! Like anyone would ever dream of instructing men on how they should behave.

  3. I'm a man, and my MOTHER taught me HOW to behave.!!
    My wife of 35 years thinks my mother did a GREAT job too.
    Thanks mom!

  4. So, having manners and dignity is sexist?...
    Also, what is hilarious about acting like a decent human being?

    Here, I'll rewrite it for men:
    1. Men, be on time for your date. Don't show up without your shirt buttoned and tucked in. Do your hair, including your facial hair.
    2. Women don't want to watch you scratch your crotch, or pick at your face. It's seriously uncouth.
    3. Men, sit up straight, like you have a spine. Close your mouth when you chew anything.
    4. When a woman is talking about her interests, listen, and learn about what she likes.
    5. Men, wash your hands. Dirty hands are a perfectly acceptable, and natural thing when you're a man, but it's disrespectful to go on a date, and not clean up. Don't clean your nails during the date.
    6. Men, seriously, don't touch any of her things without permission. Don't look in her purse, don't look at her phone when it rings. It's not yours, leave it alone.
    7. Men, don't grab anything but her hand, in public. Don't caress her in public. Getting too familiar with her is in bad taste. Man up, and stop acting desperate.
    8. Men, don't talk about your ex-girlfriend or wife. Don't talk about your favorite dog that got hit by a car. Don't talk about how you hate your dad, and that's why you need dating advice. Dates are supposed to be fun, enjoyable, interesting, and they should be something that both of you want to repeat. Find a better topic.
    9. Men, don't be familiar with the headwaiter talking about the fun you had with someone else another time. Women desire, deserve your entire attention. This includes your mobile phone.
    10. Don't talk about the new settings you're trying on your dirtbike suspension. Don't talk about the turbo you want for your car. This is a date, not a hangout with the guys. You have similar interests, find them.
    11. Men, don't drink too much, as a woman expects you to keep your dignity all evening. Drinking doesn't make you more fun, it changes your idea of what fun is.
    12. Don't be conspicuous talking to other women. You'll have time to date them, but this isn't that time. Have some respect. Seriously, why do you even need to be told...
    13. Don't pass out from too much liquor. Nothing says "I make poor decisions in life", or "I'm unreliable when you'll need me most", like over-drinking on a date.

    See? There's nothing sexist about having respect for other people. What a lost concept it must be. People just don't know how to behave anymore.

  5. Jessica L. TibaudMay 12, 2015 at 7:32 AM

    No credit given?@#$ those pics belong to retrospace




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