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May 14, 2015

Does the Glove Fit? Two Women Boxing With Boxing Gloves on Their Hands and Feet in a New York Nightclub, 1938

June 6, 1938 - New York: The newest sport to make this blase village sit up and take notice is a combination of boxing and what the French call “La Savate”.

(Photo: ullstein bild/ Getty Images)

The latter was once a trick of the trade of the Paris apache and consists of kicking an opponent in the face and other parts of the anatomy. To the great embarrassment and inconvenience of said opponent.

Here you see Sonny Tucker laying a shapely left foot on the no less shapely chin of Shirley Elliot during their kick and punch match at Ivan Frank’s smart night club in New York. Gentlemen, pray that the little woman doesn’t take up this new game.



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