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May 28, 2015

Old Pictures of Working Women During the First World War

During the war, women entered the workforce in new ways. Women served in the navy and marines, and thousands served as nurses. On the home front, women worked in factories and in the government.

Women unloading barrels in Bordeaux, France.

A woman delivers coal in France.

Women making missiles in a munitions factory in England.

Women unloading a coal wagon in England.

Women firefighters in England

Women working in a factory in America.

A woman makes and repairs shoes.

Women learning to drive a tram on a simulator in England.

Women working on lathes in a munitions factory in Scotland.

Women pilots in flying suits.

Women filling shells in a munitions factory in Scotland.

Women grease and inspect the signals at the Gare du Nord, in Paris, France.

A woman looking through a microscope at the municipal laboratory, in Paris, France.

Women shovelling snow from the road, in Paris, France.

(Photos: National Library of France via Mashable)


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