May 1, 2015

'Arkansaw Traveler’s Saloon' — This is One of the Best Old-time Photography Studios Ever

The Arkansas Traveler’s Saloon was not a real bar, but a popular photography studio at the Happy Hollow amusement park in Hot Springs Arkansas. It was established in the late 1880s or early 1890s by Norman McLeod who not only had this amusement park, he delighted many with his photography skills. The park was located off Central Avenue on what is now Fountain Street.

Nearly everyone who has family that lived near Hot Springs in the early 1900s has one or more photographs taken here as most of these photos were so interesting that family members kept them even if they threw the rest of the family photos away. He used old buildings, animals, and "fronts" for backdrops.

These interesting vintage studio photographs below were found by MessyNessy on The Melting Pot.


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