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May 6, 2015

Against Occupation Regulation: Pictures of US Soldiers Dating With Japanese Local Girls in 1946

Japan after the surrender. Anti fraternization laws (as in force in Germany and Japan) forbade that a US soldier approaching a little too close to a girl from a country "enemy." It was surely not to protect these girls from possible violence, but it was mostly to prevent young Americans will fraternize with "the devil"...

As you can see, total fiasco of this law.

US soldier and Japanese girl sharing cigarettes, which soldiers are forbidden to give away.

US soldier and local girl sharing a chocolate bar and cigarettes.

US soldier and local girl sharing a kiss, which is not allowed.

US soldier and local girl sharing a meal in local establishment, with shoes sitting by door.

US soldier giving civilian girl a ride in jeep, which is against occupation regulations.

US soldier giving Japanese girl a bicycle ride, with handlebar riding forbidden.

US soldiers can give Japanese girls a ride in US vehicles when they are on Red Cross tours.

US soldier and a Japanese girl can hold hands in public.

US soldier and Japanese girl rowing on pond, which is permissible.

US soldier and local girl attending a dance together.

US soldier and local girl reading military restrictions about riding trains.

US soldier joining a Japanese girl in off-limits dinner, taking off his shoes.

US soldiers finding it hard to ride the subway due to overcrowding.

US soldier dining in Japanese home must bring his own food.

(Photos by John Florea, via LIFE archives)


  1. US Soldiers participating in photo shoots for Life magazine must agree to many staged photos...

  2. Looks like the same GI and girl to me.

  3. Good looking out! I did not even notice! Staged and probably paid as well....




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