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May 10, 2015

50 Interesting Photographs of Life During the 1940s and 1960s Taken by Yale Joel

Yale Joel began his career as a professional photographer when he was 19 years old, he served as a combat photographer during World War II, and several years later became a member of the famous LIFE magazine photography staff.

Working out of the LIFE bureaus in Washington, Paris, Boston and New York, he established an early reputation as a photographer of the “impossible,” with his ability to create camera perspectives the ordinary eye normally cannot see. At the same time, his rapport with people and the capacity to capture them on film, earned him an equally distinguished reputation.

A pet chihuahua's leash is wrapped around its fashionable owner's leg, 1961.

80 Carat Uncut Diamond, Unusual Christmas Gift Suggestion at Tiffany's, 1969.

A model is being photographed by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harpers' Bazaar, 1947.

A policeman helping a boy fix his bicycle

Americans in Paris, October 1947.

A quartet of Jackie Kennedy look alike models are wearing Oleg Cassini suits & pillbox hats popularized by the First Lady

Actor Tony Randall is impersonating cocktail party pests

Actor Tony Randall is portraying cocktail party pest types, here the confider, October 1957.

Americans in Paris, October 1947.

Batman Adam West (R) and Robin Burt Ward (in bat-mobile) during shooting of scene

Beauty Contest 1962

Boston Commons Clean-Up, April 1950.

Burlesque Show


Chorus girls entertaining at the Latin Quarter night club

Christmas shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, 1962

College Fashions

Deborah Dixon 1960

Elizabeth Taylor's Cartier diamond, October 1969.

Ella Fitzgerald singing at the Democratic rally for President John F. Kennedy's birthday.

Feeding pigeons in an empty Times Square during a taxi strike, 1948.

Givenchy's beige jersey Bag dress, September 1957.

Grace Kelly

Hope Lange

Isabella Albonico, September 1957.

Ivy Nicholson

JFK & Jackie, Waldorf Astoria, November 1956

Jim Morrison, 1968

Lena Horne, December 1947.

Man Ray October 1947.

Mannequins of President John F. Kennedy and his wife.

Naomi Simms, NY October 1969.

NY, 1960s.

Paris in the fog, 1948.

Pedestrians walking in bad weather, June 1958.

Psychedelic Art - Riverside Museum 1966.

Psychedelic posters

Radio City Line 1961.

Radio City Music Hall

Sun Glasses 1963.

Suzy Parker 1952

Tamara Dobson, NY October 1969.

The south end of the New Jersey Turnpike where it runs into the Delaware Memorial bridge that leads to Baltimore

The toll booth section of the New Jersey Turnpike where a motorist is paying to enter the newly constructed roadway

Trouser-under-skirt costumes 1952.

Variations of an Italian haircut, June 1953.

Givenchy's beige jersey Bag dress, September 1957.


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