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June 1, 2015

18 Cute Photos of Children With Their Toys in the 1930s

Following on from the Twenties, because of the great depression you would expect the Thirties toy choices to decrease.

Surprisingly, they did not and new manufacturing methods combined with the growth of radio and the movie theaters, making house hold names of radio and movie stars, increased the range of toys kids wanted. It is also interesting seeing kids pedal cars reflect the streamlining of automobiles.

By the mid Thirties many of the prices had dropped partly through cheaper manufacturing methods and partly because of the great depression.

Here, a collection of 18 adorable vintage photos show children with their toys in the 1930s:

Pet show, Venice Beach, CA, 1936

Children in hospital bed with dolls, Washington, D.C., 1931

Tenements, London, 1936

Child hanging baby clothes on clothesline, ca. 1935

Girl with her doll, ca. 1930

School boy, 1938

La marchande de ballons, ca. 1930s

Young girl entertaining Mickey Mouse and other friends at a make-believe tea party, ca. 1930s

Children with umbrella, 1934

Tea party, 1930

Beach buddies, ca. 1930

Boy and his toy car, 1937

Little girl with her puppies, 1934

Three children and wagon, ca. 1930s


The French doll, 1932

3 sisters with a huge doll, Latvia, 1937

Young child with a baby doll on her lap and a rag doll, a teddy bear and a golliwog next to her, Australia, ca. 1930

Kids from the Lower East Side, New York City, 1937

Dozens of children play in a water-filled 104th street in Harlem in 1939


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  2. David Lincoln BrooksJune 1, 2015 at 7:36 AM

    They got Lauren Hutton to bare her bottom?

  3. David Lincoln BrooksJune 1, 2015 at 7:49 AM

    Gorgeous. When Japan was Japan. This is the Japan of Yasujiro Ozu.

  4. That couple drank so much vodka they are going to have a three-way with a penguin.

  5. Is that Ali McGraw in the bottom right of the White Horse ad?

  6. Ali McGraw and Maud Adams for White Horse.

  7. Thanks for sharing the wonder and splendor that (was) Japan.




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