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April 2, 2015

America's Bohemia: Pictures of New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1910s and 1920s

Greenwich Village became widely identified as America's bohemia by the mid-1910s. The radicals who lived in Greenwich Village in the early 20th century rejected traditional structured socialization, preferring instead bohemian informality. Yet they often met in Village hangouts to discuss their ideas about revolution and art. These places, and the individuals that frequented them, earned the Village its reputation as America's Left Bank and attracted tourists and those who wanted to live the bohemian lifestyle.

Here, below is a series of photographs of daily life in Greenwich Village were taken from between the 1910s and 1920s by Jessie Tarbox Beals (1870-1942), who is known as America's first female news photographer.

Edith Hayes Thompson standing in the doorway of Her Shop, ca. 1912-1926.

Informal group portrait, ca. 1917-1926.

Teddy Peck (left) and Romayne Benjamin (right) in their retail shop, The Treasure Box, ca. 1918-1920.

Newton and Mann in their office, ca. 1915-1926.

Beals standing in the gallery doorway, 1917.

Portrait of Jenny Criswell, ca. 1912-1918.

Ruth Murchison standing in front of the entrance to The Little Shop Around the Corner, ca. 1912-1926.

Beals standing in the gallery doorway, 1917.

Portrait of Miss Povry, ca. 1918-1920.

Portrait of Dorothy Baxter, ca. 1918-1920.

Informal profile-portrait of an unidentified man, ca. 1912-1920.

Informal group portrait of an unidentified man and woman, ca. 1912-1926.

Portrait of Charlotte Powell standing on a ladder and painting the exterior of The Village Store, Sheridan Square, ca. 1915-1926.

Allison at her kitchen stove, dying scarves, ca. 1912-1920.

Allison seated indoors at her desk, holding a letter, ca. 1912-1920.

Group portrait of Teddy Peck and Romayne Benjamin in their retail shop, The Treasure Box, ca. 1912-1920.

Portrait of Don Dickerman standing in the doorway of his business, ca. 1912-1920.

Informal group portrait of "Jane and Howard", 1917.

Informal group portrait of Helen Clarke and an unidentified woman inventorying merchandise, ca. 1917-1927.

Portrait of an unidentified woman seated on a porch rail, ca. 1918-1920.

Group portrait, indoors, of people gathered at the Garrett Coffee House, ca. 1912-1917.

Lin seated on floor pillows, ca. 1917-1925.

Joan Schromache and Lin inside their shop, Jolin's, ca. 1915-1926.

Florence Gough and friends and/or patrons inside of her shop, The Paint Box, ca. 1912-1925.

Gough standing inside of The Paint Box, ca. 1912-1920.

(Photos via Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America)


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