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April 24, 2015

A Collection of 11 Amazing First World War Recruitment Posters

Although the technology to enable the relatively inexpensive mass production of high quality images had been in existence for over a century, the First World War saw the first extensive use of posters for propaganda purposes.

Britain Needs You At Once – British recruitment poster, 1915.

Are You Fond of Cycling?  South Midland Divisional Cyclist Company recruitment poster.

The Empire Needs Men!  British and Commonwealth recruitment poster, 1915.

Free Trip To Europe  Australian recruitment poster.

The Isle of Saints and Soldiers  Irish recruitment poster, 1915.

Who will Take this Uniform, Money and Rifle?  Indian recruitment poster. Urdu translation reads: 'Who will take this uniform, money and rifle? The one who will join the army.'

Women of Lancashire  British recruitment poster, 1915.

Who Can Beat this Plucky Four?  Irish recruitment poster, 1915.

Wanted - Smart Men for the Tank Corps  British recruitment poster.

French Canadians, Enlist! Canadiens-Français Enrôlez-vous!  Canadian recruitment poster, 1914. French translation reads: 'French Canadians, enlist! England, the bulwark of our freedoms, is being threatened. Will we remain aloof? Will we prefer Prussian militarism to the regime that has preserved our faith, our language, our institutions and our laws? France’s heart is bleeding. The voice of blood speaks.'

Join Your Country's Army!  British recruitment poster, 1914.


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