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April 18, 2015

50 Unpublished Polaroid Portraits of Hollywood Stars in the 1980s

Michael Dare was a film critic for the L.A. Weekly in the 1980s. While trashing their films in print, he met most of Hollywood stars, and considered to photograph and distort it all.

In a storage locker in Desert Hot Springs there are thousands of ridiculous SX-70 Polaroid portraits of the famous, the insane, and the dead. They've never been published and rarely been seen by anyone except the subjects themselves - who usually expressed either glee or abject horror.

"Due to copyright law, or maybe just good old fashioned good taste, I've had an incredibly hard time getting my work shown in public." - he says.

Danny Aiello

Maria Conchita Alonzo

Laurie Anderson

Lewis Arquette

Patricia Arquette

Rosanna Arquette

Hal Ashby

Ed Asner

Paul Bartell

Elya Baskin

John Belushi

Peter Bergman

Robert Blake

Joe Bologna

John Brent

Martin Brest

James Bridges

Jeff Bridges

Albert Brooks

James Cameron

John Candy

Rae Dawn Chong

Jamie Lee Curtis

Robert Townsend

Billy Wilder

Tom Waits

Edy Williams

Robin Williams

Michael Wilmington

Brian Wilson

Mary Woronov

Severn Darden

Laura Dern

Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dysart

Marshall Efron

Cassian Elwes

Pablo Ferro

Whoopi Goldberg

Carl Gottlieb

Spaulding Gray

Melanie Griffith

Robert Hayes

Barbara Hershey

Henry Jaglom

Neil Jordan

Andy Kaufman

Sally Kellerman

Christopher Lambert

Jessica Lange

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  1. Ha,ha ! Workers following tartan lassie clearly enjoy the view !




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