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April 26, 2015

15 Amazing Vintage Photographs of the First World War in London

Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace on the outbreak of War, 1914.

Men of the 9th Battalion, London Regiment leaving Hyde Park on a route march in December 1914.

A large sign requesting 'Quiet for the Wounded' hangs outside Charing Cross Hospital at Agar Street, London, in September 1914. Heavy traffic has been diverted to minimise noise in the street.

Christina Broom, self-proclaimed 'Official Photographer to the Guards', photographed by her daughter as she displays her camera and examples of her photographs at the Womens War Work Exhibition, Prince's Skating Rink, Knightsbridge, London, May 1916.

Sailors unloading pictures outside the Royal Institute of Painters, Piccadilly.

Fire in Piccadilly near Exhibition of Naval Photographs, the scene from Sackville Sheet.

The Forces at Home: American troops in England. A parade with the Stars and Stripes carried in front down Piccadilly in London.

A view of the roof of the General Post Office, looking across to St Paul's Cathedral in the background, showing piles of salvaged materials and debris piled on the roof following a raid which occurred on 7 July 1917. This was the second daylight aeroplane raid on London and the damage was caused by a 15 kilogram bomb.

A group of people stand outside the Bedford Hotel on Southampton Row to watch at men at work beside a large crater. The damage was caused by a 50 kilogram bomb during a Gotha raid on the night of 24 - 25 September 1917.

A tank in Trafalgar Square during the war bonds appeal, November - December 1917.

Captured German 135mm gun exhibited in the Mall.

Captured German gun with damaged muzzle exhibited in the Mall, London.

Trafalgar Square during Joy Loan Campaign, a post-war funding scheme.

President and Mrs Woodrow Wilson arriving in a horse drawn carriage at the Mansion House, London.

Crowd in Pall Mall greeting Sir Douglas Haig on his arrival in England, 19 December 1918.

(Photos via Imperial War Museums)

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  1. I think this is an amazing photograph of these young woman window cleaners!! If you zoom in you can actually see there faces quite clearly all smiling apart from the one at the bottom of the photo!! Who's not too happy at all! 😞 Poor girl !!




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