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April 28, 2015

12 Vintage Photographs Show the Beauty of Women’s Legs From the 1920s and 1930s

Women’s legs have always been the focus of male attention.

Legs are, along with the eyes, the core of feminine sensuality. Not sexuality, that's boobs, butt and the like. Sensuality is the soft whisper compared to sexuality’s loud trumpet. The manner in which a woman walks, stands, sits. These tell you about her confidence in that moment.

With clothing, legs can also very handily be both revealed and concealed, which makes them almost uniquely empowered to allow women to tease and seduce men and inflame their imaginations. Legs being long, a little can be revealed, then a little more, then... and so on, all the way up. It all depends on how much she wants to show. And sometimes less can be more. In addition, the momentary flash of legs through a slit skirt while a woman is in stride or crossing her legs can burn a potent image into a receptive man's mind, both because they are beautiful in and of themselves and also because they suggest sexual availability. And if they are subsequently concealed, you yearn to see them again and also to see more. Dresses and skirts are all about advertising accessibility while also concealing and withholding.

Eleanor Ambrose, highest paid dancer in the U.S. demonstrates the legs, she is taking massage by a Negro maid. In 1926.

Kleyv Scott, named the girl with the most beautiful legs in Broadway. USA, New York.1928.

Barbara Newberry, the girl with beautiful legs. USA, Chicago, 1929.

Dancer Cecil Navarra in acrobatic pose. she has insured her legs for a million francs. France, Paris, 1929.

Dancer shows her legs insured for a few thousand dollars. USA, 1929.

During the contest for the most beautiful legs in the Moulin Rouge in Paris, two men assessed legs of contestants. The upper body is hidden behind a curtain of candidates, and the legs are numbered. France, in 1930.

American dancer and actress Noel Francis insured legs in the amount of $ 200,000, the United States, 1930.

Japanese dancer Masaki shows legs insured for $ 5,000 each and are considered the most expensive legs in the world. USA, 1931.

Males measuring dancer's leg Thelma Lopez, taking notes and photographs. This lady in Paris insures legs for half a million francs. France, in 1931.

The team leader selects the candidates for the dancers’ shooting, starting from the feet of beauty contestants in the final stage of selection. USA, Hollywood, 1932.

A group of young girls shows her legs in stockings. The United States. 1935.

During the contest for the most beautiful legs in a club in Paris, France, 1936.


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