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March 9, 2015

Women’s Street Fashion of the 1920s

Immortalized in movies and magazine covers, young women’s fashion of the 1920s was both a trend and social statement, a breaking-off from the rigid Victorian way of life. These young, rebellious, middle-class women, labeled ‘flappers’ by older generations, did away with the corset and donned slinky knee-length dresses, which exposed their legs and arms. The hairstyle of the decade was a chin-length bob, of with several popular variations.

Berlin, 1928

Royal Ascot, ca. 1920s

Girls in Knickers beside automobile, 1926.

Photo booth, Paris, 1920

Tamara de Lempicka, Paris 1929. Photo by Dora Kallmus.

Vogue, 1928

New York City, ca. 1920s

“Clothes and the Car at the Theatre”, photo by Cecil Beaton for Vogue, 1927.

New York City, ca. 1920s

Berlin, ca. 1920s

1920's cocktails


Lee Miller, 1929. Muse, artist, beauty, model, Vogue collaborator and photographer in her own right.

Cafe du Dome, Paris 1928. Photo by André Kertész.


1920s travelers

Interior of a railway carriage, showing several items of New Zealand Railways picnic equipment, ca. 1920s.



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