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March 4, 2015

Black and White Photos of Daily Life in New Jersey in the 1960s

Here is an amazing collection of black and white photos that shows everyday life in New Jersey during 1960s.

Young men drafted to serve in Vietnam burn their draft cards on the steps of Newark's Municipal Court on May 6, 1968. The law at the time required young men to register for the draft and carry the card, resulting in public protests like these. Star-Ledger archive photo.

New Jersey draftees jam the Federal Building in Newark waiting to be tested and processed on March 16, 1968. According to the New Jersey Vietnam Era and Education Center, 1,563 New Jerseyans did not return home from the Vietnam War. Star-Ledger archive photo

A group of students relax on a lawn at Drew University in Madison during freshman orientation in September 1969. Courtesy of Drew University

The Beatles played to 18,000 fans on Aug. 30, 1964, at Convention Hall in Atlantic City. They posed with this sandwich from White House Subs in their hotel room. Star-Ledger archive photo

Vice president Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat, are shown at a campaign stop in Plainfield on Oct. 4, 1960. Photo by Louis Caruso courtesy of the Caruso family

About 400 activists of the Women's Liberation Movement held a symbolic burning of bras, high-heeled shoes, belts and other items during the Miss America pageant on Sept. 7, 1968 in Atlantic City. Courtesy of the Atlantic City Historical Museum

A woman walks past National Guard troops and State Police officers during the riots in Newark that took place from July 12-17, 1967. Star-Ledger archive photo

Apollo 8 astronauts, from left Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders, are honored at Newark International Airport on Jan. 11, 1969. Star-Ledger archive photo

Parents of students picketed Glenfield Junior High School in Montclair in 1962 to dramatize their effort to improve education for the school's students, 90 percent of whom were African-American, prior to the school board's decision on Aug. 22 to divide Glenfield's 182 students among the suburb's three other high schools. Associated Press photo

New Jersey's version of Woodstock was the Atlantic City Pop Festival, held Aug. 1 to 3, 1969. Here, a water truck provides some cooling to some of the thousands who attended. Star-Ledger archive photo

Martin Luther King Jr. greets well-wishers as he leaves Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Newark on March 27, 1968. Star-Ledger archive photo

Teenagers show the latest steps at an Interfaith Fellowship dance in Sparta in 1965. Admission to the dances was 50 cents for Sparta High School students. Courtesy of the Sparta Police Department

Shortly after the Six-Day War (Arab-Israeli War), President Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin met at Glassboro State College for a three-day summit. Kosygin wanted to meet in New York; Johnson preferred Washington, D.C., Glassboro was selected as a halfway-point compromise for the summit, which was held from June 23 to 25, 1967. Courtesy of the Courier-Post

Robert Curvin was a civil rights leader in Newark when violence broke out in 1967. In this photo, he speaks to a crowd during the riots that took place from July 12 to 17. Curvin recently authored "Inside Newark: Decline, Rebellion, and the Search for Transformation." Star-Ledger archive photo

At first glance, this previously unpublished photo might appear to have been taken on Nov. 22, 1963; it was actually taken in downtown Newark on Oct. 12, 1962. Courtesy of Louis Caruso/the Caruso family

(Curation by Greg Hatala, via

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  1. This is a postwar picture, since the last car in the background on the right is a '47 or '48 Kaiser. Kaiser-Frazer got their start after the war, using the old Willow Run bomber plant, where Ford built B-24 Liberators during the war.




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