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March 27, 2015

50 Rare Photographs of Adolf Hitler You Might Have Never Seen Before

Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) was leader of the Nazi Party and became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. As leader of the Third Reich, he invaded Poland, which started World War II. He orchestrated the Holocaust, which resulted in the death of 6 million Jews.

Everybody who spent a little time in history class, knows this evil man. But you might not know his personal life. Here’s a collection of 50 rare photographs of Adolf Hitler from his birth to his suicade at the end of World War II.

Hitler and Goering were passionate collectors of art.

Hitler with Emmy and Edda Goering, 1940. Emmy Göring was a German actress, the second wife of Hermann Göring.

Hitler during imprisonment at Landsberg Prison. He was visited by fellow party members, 1924.

There are a number of conspiracy theories claiming that Hitler didn’t commit suicide and fled. This photo allegedly captured 75-year-old Hitler on his deathbed.

FBI montage made in 1945 in the event that Hitler tries to hide by changing the appearance.

Hitler’s birth certificate.

Little Hitler (third from the left on the bottom row) with classmates. Fischlham, Austria-Hungary, 1895.

School Photo, 1901.

Another school photo, 1904.

Hitler in a military hospital (back row, second from right), 1918.

Volunteer Hitler (right) as part of the 2nd Bavarian Infantry Regiment of Bavarian Army during the World War I, 1916.

Hitler as a young politician, 1921.

Hitler during the election campaign in 1923. Photo taken by Heinrich Hoffmann, who was Hitler’s personal photographer.

Hitler in shorts, 1924. Photo taken by Heinrich Hoffmann.

Hitler during his speech.

Staged photoset “Apocalyptic, visionary, persuasive”, Heinrich Hoffmann, 1925.

Hitler at the orchestra rehearsal at Leopoldhall in Munich, 1938.

Hitler at a construction site of a new autobahn (highway).

Hitler in brown Nazi uniform during the outdoor speech in Austria. 1938.

Hitler in 1932.

In front of new Reichsbank building, May 1932.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels signing autographs at the 1936 Olympics.

Hitler in 1934 during a visit at Landsberg Prison, where he wrote “Mein Kampf” during his imprisonment in 1924.

Hitler says goodbye at a New Year’s banquet. Berlin, 1936.

Hitler at someone’s wedding.

On Thanksgiving Day in Bückeburg, 1937.

With Austrian fans, 1939.

On board the ship Robert Ley, which was released on its maiden voyage. The ship was christened Robert Ley, after the leader of the DAF in Germany.

During lunch on the front line, 1940.

Hitler with guests at the table at his residence in Obersalzberg, 1939.

Hitler with animals.

Hitler reading a morning press.

Hitler and Eva Braun, 1943.

Hitler, Göring and Heinz Guderian discuss the Ardennes operation. October 1944.

Hitler comes to visit one of the injured officers, after a failed assassination attempt on Hitler, July 20, 1944.

Hitler and Goebbels, the propaganda minister. Poland, July 25, 1944.

One of the last photo of Hitler. The Fuhrer in the garden of the Reich Chancellery awards the young members of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) brigade mobilized to defend Berlin.

During a visit in occupied Graslitz, 1938.

On Christmas feast with the German generals, 1941.

With children.

At a Nazi rally in Eger, Czechoslovakia, 1938.

At a Nazi rally.

In the theater, Charlottenburg, May 1939.

In Paris, 1940.


  1. Unfortunately Hitler liked to collect art that was already owned by others.

    1. Actually there’s no evidence that Hitler personally ever did this. He appears to have always paid for any art he owned in his private life. He of course turned a blind eye to Goering and also authorized the expropriation of thousands of works of art from conquered nations - but that was hardly unique since most conquerors have done the same thing throughout history

  2. exactly! I just looked at the photos of Anne Frank, looking at these right afterwards was jarring to say the least!

    1. KKKKKKKKKKK Se fosse verdade

    2. You mean the Ann Frank whose famous "diary" was written (at least partly) with a ball-point pen, a device which had not yet been invented at the alleged time the diary was written??

      THAT Ann Frank??

  3. Looks like he was dentally challenged. No wonder he seldom smiled.

  4. dentally, and mentally

    1. Glenn A. Geier You have been indoctrinated to believe a mountain of lies about Hitler.

    2. You are incapable of rational thought, a stranger to facts, an enemy of honest discourse and need to loosen your jackboots or you'll get gangrene.

  5. "Let us not humanize this man" ...Any person who can write this is a demon!

    1. We need to humanize him to realize that other humans are capable of similar atrocities.

  6. Peace be upon him

    1. You mean father dropped a shitload of bombs on those German fuckers and he said, before he died "And I'd do it again."

    2. Jay Verdy Your father was a member of the inglorious allied butchers. The Dresden bombing was the real Holocaust.

    3. Dresden was payback for Coventry. I only wish and pray that I may be called upon by free men and women to eliminate racist murderous fascists. I shall not hesitate. I shall not lose one second of sleep.

    4. Peter R. Talbot:

      Like most of you privileged unmentionables, you clearly fear free speech.

      Do you really not know the RAF bombed German cities (civilians) first, and Hitler tried in vain to get Britain to agree NOT to bomb cities. It was only after that that German responded in kind.


    6. "Anonymous": Please link us to the evidence.

    7. Please link your fat, red, German neck to a lamp post.

    8. Your seething hatred of those who ask you a relevant question is what we expect from you.

  7. I used to believe those horror stories about how the Germans made soap & lampshades & shrunken heads out of Jews.

    It turns out those stories are 100% LIES, as even the Israeli media now quietly admits.

    We don't have to put Hitler on a pedestal to realize there's far more to WWII history than the relentless unending WWII propaganda we've grown up with. It's the same kind of WWII propaganda that once portrayed the Japanese as near-sighted buck-toothed monkeys.

    Believe nothing we are not supposed to question!

    1. Our news media makes Goebbels look honest.

    2. Of course, everything you say is an inane racist lie with proofs longer than your infantile brain is capable of considering. Here's hoping that your hydrocephaly is treatable by your Jewish doctors, Nigerian nurses, Gypsy social workers and homosexual children.

    3. I've always thought Jews are intelligent, but thanks for reminding me that's just a stereotype.

  8. this honorable man was the last defender of the white european race. now all you will have what you want want. the extinction of the white european race. africa for blacks and jews, europe for blacks and jews, america for black and jews, asia for now for asians, in 10 years for black and jews. a global jew boss and a global black slave for work eternally. congratulations satanic jew global chiefs and low iq masses that help them with the kalergi plan.the natural order stablished blacks in the south, whites in the north, asians in east and amerindians in west. you destroyed the work of the natural order = you are the evil.

    1. Whoa! It really doesn't matter what your race or nationality is at this point. None of us are free. We all have corporate governments controlled by the five big banks. They couldn't care less about humanity, they value money above all else and laugh at us throwing stones at one another.

    2. How did I come across this channel of misfits?

  9. ████╗░░░████████████╗


    卐卐卐 ¡¡¡HEIL HITLER!!! 卐卐卐

    1. Bill Garr:

      Your widely-beloved Rabbi Ovadia said we goyim only exist to serve you Jews.

      No wonder you are so furious when we goyim get uppity.


  10. There will be a day when the world we wakeup and see Hitler for what he truely was, he was the greatest leader this world had ever had he love his people his country and Europe he was also worried about the west being taken by the Bolshevik are the Zionist Jews he cared and fought world banks and tyranny whoever bad mouth him shows how ignorant people are that same ignorance is why we are fighting today for our freedom an our right to exist

    1. This comment actually made me really sad cuz its true. Well its good to see someone with similar opinion as mine. I dont know who you are or where you live but i just wanted to say thanks.

      P.S. sorry for my broken English.

  11. Why is the German side of WWII history banned?

    1. Because it's lies that can be disproved?
    2. Because it's truth that cannot be disproved?

    It's seriously illegal to merely question the Jewish version of WWII history in at least 18 countries, and people are doing hard time in prison right now for simply asking those questions.

    Do not surrender your freedom of speech to Israel lobby war criminals!

    1. Truth doesn't fear investigation.

  12. History will clear his name! Seig heil!!! 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐

  13. Hitler was a wonderful man. He was one the very few, then and now, who understood the world. Gadhafi was another. Both men destroyed by liberal democracies which now are destroying their own people. It doesn't matter whom you elect to office, it hasn't mattered for over a hundred years, governments keep converging in one direction only - Judeo Bolshevism. The entire West is being stripped of the unique national identities which make up its Civilization. A reasonably intelligent mind grasps that pattern and knows it can be no accident.

  14. Der Fehler der USA, die Atombombe nicht über Deutschland abzuwerfen

  15. Most of what we're taught about WWII is war propaganda.

    Anyone questioning it is usually censored and/or banned. In at least 18 "free" countries questioners go to prison.

    So far that hasn't happened here. So far.

  16. Propaganda and lies about the Fuhrer are accepted as reality by most. Very Sad. In a hundred years, people will realize He was right about everything. Eightyeight.

  17. Just FYI - some of those pictures are of Hitler's Double. lets play a game. Find a photo that you know for SURE is Hitler...memorize the ear cartilage. its a body party that hardly EVER changes. THe earlobe..yes..but that just gets dragged down..but the overall shape of the ear near the top to the top of lobe..never changes. Some ears look pointy at the top..or a thin cartilage...When you see will start to see the double. This double was the one that died in bunker. Or should I say...was SHOT.

    1. You (predictably) try to change the subject:

      Most of what we're taught about WWII is war propaganda.

      Anyone questioning of it is usually censored and/or banned. In at least 18 "free" countries questioners go to prison.




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