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March 12, 2015

Before Cell Phone, These 14 Hilarious Vintage Posters Illustrate the Etiquette of Movie-Going in 1912

“Ladies, kindly remove your hats.” “Please don’t forget your umbrella or other parcels.”

These are some of the friendly reminders you would receive if attending your local movie theater in the year 1912. It’s a bit different from today’s requests to silence cell phones. These interesting posters show us some rules from the past that had been instilled into movie-goers at that time.

The images, which are available via the ever-surprising treasure trove that is the Library of Congress, capture a bygone era filled with profoundly polite theater patrons. While some still applies in our modern era—like keeping quiet and remaining seated during the movie—others can now come across as amusing, such as applauding only with your hands.

Please applaud with hands only

Ladies kindly remove your hats

If annoyed when here, please tell the management

Madam, how would you like to sit behind the hat you are wearing

Ladies and children are cordially invited to this theatre. No offensive pictures are ever shown here

Kindly remain seated

Advertise your business on this screen and get results. See the manager

3 minutes intermission while changing pictures


Change of song to-morrow


Good night

Don't forget your umbrella or other parcels

Loud talking or whistling not allowed


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