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February 26, 2015

Old Photos of Soldiers Playing Sports during World War II

Officers play badminton in a Greek village.

Brits play cricket in France, 1944.

Officers of the HMS Kent play hockey.

Submarine base officers skate on an icy tennis court.

Fencing on the HMS Pretoria Castle.

Dutch troops play leapfrog in England, 1941.

Dutch soldiers play football in England, 1941.

Men of the Royal Australian Air Force play rugby in Wales.

Gunners play cricket on a break in Italy.

British gunners play football in Italy.

A biplane flies over men playing hockey on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier

British troops play football in the snow, France, 1939.

A nurse plays cricket with convalescent patients at Cholmondeley Castle, being used as a Royal Navy psychiatric hospital, 1942.

Sports gear is unloaded for the occupying troops in Germany

(Photos © Imperial War Museums)


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