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February 18, 2015

Old Photos of Chinese Lion Dance in Melbourne, Australia

A small collection of vintage photographs relating to Chinese New Year and other celebrations in Melbourne, Australia.

Chinese lion and drays in city of Melbourne to promote the "Chinese Lion Carnival," ca. 1943. The photograph shows a Chinese lion from Bendigo outside the Seamen's Union, Elizabeth Street; traffic being held up to allow drays to turn into Swanston St. from Collins St.

Elevated view of Chinese dragon in Bendigo street, crowd lining street watching. Newspaper clipping pasted to verso, 1939.

Parade on behalf of the Benigo hospital and benevolent asylum; opening ceremony performed by the mayor of Bendigo; included in the parade were the Golden Square Fire Brigade, Sandhurst Rowing Club; 30 to 40,000 people in the streets. May 1, 1895.

Another monster at Bendigo Easter Fair. May 1, 1895.

Head of the great dragon at Bendigo Easter Fair. May 1, 1895

Floats in a parade along city streets, with crowds of people spectating, Melbourne, ca. 1945-1960.

Elevated view of crowd in street, some carrying banners. Russell Street west between Bourke and Little Bourke Streets, Melbourne, 1969.

(via State Library Victoria Collections)

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  1. i am xavier from bendigo chinese association/bca. these photos are amazing because i was not aruond then and i loooooove lion dancing i do it myself .these photos bring joy to me




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