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February 22, 2015

Bea Hair Women: Beautiful Women's Hairstyles From the 1940s

Women's hairstyles and their beauty from the ever stylish 1940s with their pin-up curls and more. Curls were used to dress an area of the hair, like the opposite side to a roll, or piled up on the crown area for an updo.

For those with straighter hair (and spare cash), waves and curls were permed or pin curl set into the hair at the hairdressers, but many women simply set their hair at home using pin curls or twisted up in rags.

Women could leave their hair in pin curls overnight or under a scarf or snood while at work. Once curled, the hair could easily be styled into rolls and waves, as well as brushed smoother to give soft movement.

Rolls are quintessential 1940s and an essential part of defining the decade's look.

Rolls were a totally flexible element of a hairstyle – women could shape and position rolls as they wanted. The hair could be brushed smooth or it could have waves.

Rolls could be situated on the top of the head, at the sides, coming back from the forehead or along the back. Side rolls could be positioned wherever. They could be symmetrical on each side of the face, or not symmetrical at all, or there could be just one roll!

See the 1940s fashion pictures below for their wonderful fashion.

(Photos via LIFE archives, via Hair and Makeup Artist Handbook)

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