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February 14, 2015

30 Stunning Vintage Photographs of St. Louis Streets in the Early 20th Century

St. Louis is a city and port in the U.S. state of Missouri. The city developed along the western bank of the Mississippi River, which forms Missouri's border with Illinois. Below is a selection of 30 stunning vintage photographs of street scenes of St. Louis in the early 20th century, via Missouri History Museum.

Street pavers at work on Compton Avenue north of Meramec. Photograph, 1906.

Washington Avenue looking east from Seventh Street. Photograph, 1910-15.

Group of men standing in front of the Globe Shaving Parlor at 1015 Carr. Photograph, ca. 1910.

Sidewalk on Olive Street looking west from Seventh Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Olive Street looking toward Sarah Street. Photograph, ca. 1910.

Northwest corner of Eighth and Pine Streets. Photograph, ca. 1910.

Northeast corner of Third Street and Lucas Avenue. Julius P. Gemmer's Gun Shop stands at 700 Third Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Sixth Street looking south from Lucas Avenue. Photograph, ca. 1906.

Washington Avenue west from Sixth Street. Photograph., 1906.

Washington Avenue looking west from Seventh Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Washington Avenue west from Ninth Street. Photograph by Emil Boehl, ca. 1903.

Washington Avenue west from Eighth Street, wholesale district. Photograph by George Stark, 1903.

St. Louis City Hall. View looking north toward the intersection of Tucker and Market Streets. Photograph, ca. 1900.

View of Union Station from Eighteenth and Market Streets. Photograph by A.W. Sanders, 1904.

Grand Avenue Water Tower, Twentieth Street and East Grand Avenue. Photograph, ca. 1915.

View looking east on Delmar Boulevard from Kingshighway Boulevard. Photograph by W.C. Persons, ca. 1914.

Washington Avenue looking west from Seventh Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Two girls examining a bulletin board posted on a fence. An advertisement painted above them asks "Are You a Woman?". Photograph, ca. 1916.

Street workers and carriages on an unidentified street. Photograph, early 20th century.

Broadway and Locust, southwest corner. Photograph, ca. 1909.

Colonel Frederick Dent Residence at the southwest corner of Fourth and Cerre Streets. Photograph, ca. 1915.

St. Louis Public Library, 1301 Olive Street. Photograph, ca. 1910.

Missouri Athletic Club fire wreckage at the northwest corner of Fourth Street and Washington Avenue. Boatmen's Bank occupied lower floor of the building. Photograph, 1914.

C.J. Reilly Horse Shoer shop at 308 North Leonard Avenue. Photograph, 1906.

Market Street Grocery Company building. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Chouteau and Compton intersection. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Broadway looking north from Keokuk Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Carr Street north of Eleventh Street. Photograph, ca. 1900.

Southeast corner of Easton Avenue and Euclid. A boy on stilts stands in front of the produce stands in front of the F.J. Voepel Market. Photograph, ca. 1906.

Intersection of Fifteenth Street and Franklin, looking northwest. Owl Brand Cigar billboard in background. Photograph, ca. 1900.

(via Missouri History Museum)


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