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February 20, 2015

20 Vintage Photographs of Fashion and Costume from the 1910s

Fashion in the 1910s is characterized by a rich and exotic opulence in the first half of the decade in contrast with the somber practicality of garments worn during the Great War. Men's trousers were worn cuffed to ankle-length and creased. Skirts rose from floor length to well above the ankle, women began to bob their hair, and the stage was set for the radical new fashions.


  1. I love these old photo's. Can't get enough.

  2. 1) I wonder what the clown outfits signify? 2) 1 splash of green on the last picture? 3) Dead people were posed with live folks during this period. I wonder if the picture with all the kids dressed as angels was such a photo?

  3. The guy who did the two girls' school groups near the top did an amazing job! Everyone's turned slightly towards the center, they're all doing something slightly different rather than just being dull with their hands hanging loose. A few in each photo have their legs crossed (must have been his idea--it's not something you'd naturally do for a group shot, especially girls at that time), some are holding neighbors. They're really brilliant; it's like a bunch of individual poses in each group photo.

    Too bad sources aren't listed here. I'd like to see some more of this photographer's work.




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