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January 13, 2015

Pictures of the 1968 Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia

About 10,000 people marched through the capital today, shouting ''Freedom!'' and ''Russians go home!'' on the 20th anniversary of the Soviet-led invasion that crushed the ''Prague Spring'' of 1968.

Waving Czechoslovak flags, the crowd began a march from Wenceslaus Square after an impromptu rally where hundreds signed a petition calling for the withdrawal of Soviet troops, free elections, the abolition of censorship, democracy and human rights.

Many chanted the name of Alexander Dubcek, who as Czechoslovak Communist Party leader instituted the far-reaching liberalization measures that led to the intervention by troops and tanks of Warsaw Pact countries on Aug. 20 and 21, 1968.

Russian soldiers on their tank with burned out busses in Wenceslas Square.

Old man with his windows covered in slogans looks out onto the Russian tanks on Wenceslas Square.

Czech protestors confront a young Russian soldier on Wenceslas Square.

Czech girls argue with a Russian soldier under Russian tank barrels in Wenceslas Square.

Damage caused by bomb.

Russian tanls roll into Prague on the night of the invasion.

Confrontation between Czech civilian and Soviet soldier.

Young Russian soldier relaxes next to a Russia Go Home poster in Wenceslas Square.

Protestors drive through the rubble in central Prague.

Czech anti-Russian protestor wears a neutrality placard.

Czechs listening to news of the Russian invasion on a portable radio.

A Russian solider chases a Czech youth through the streets.

Czechs shout abuse at Russian soldiers in Wenceslas Square.

Funeral wake of a victim of the Soviet intervention.

Embarrassed Rusian soldier being harangued on Wenceslas Square.

Man being escorted to the funeral of his brother, killed on the first day of the Russian invasion.

Crowd reaching for leaflets telling when the next anti Russian protest to take place.

The city under the barrel of Russian tanks on the first day of the invasion.

The city under the barrel of Russian tanks on the first day of the invasion.

(All photos © Ian Berry/Magnum Photos)


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