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December 26, 2014

Vintage Advertisement and Imagination on Wheels in Italy from the 1950s and 1960s

At one point in the history of Italian advertisement, huge cutouts in the shape of bottles and canned meat started appearing on car roofs; there were shoes and tubes of toothpaste, odd torpedoes, and sharks. They were the “advertisement vehicles” that invaded Italian streets in the 1950s and 1960s, to promote the widest possible range of products in the country's post-war economy on the verge of its boom.

Pick-up like car by Fissore, for Ebano

Shoe-shaped car advertising Ebano polish, by Grazia bodyshop in Bologna

The back of a car made by Fissore for Cavallino shoe polish, with aluminum box and logo

Car made by Boneschi bodyshop for Binaca toothpaste

Binaca cars during the 33rd Giro d'Italia

Fissore car for Durban's toothpaste

Car made by Boneschi bodyshop for Chiorodont toothpaste

Car for Chiorodont toothpaste

Station-wagon like body by Fissore, based on a Fiat 1100 with 3D figurines of Smacchiolina and Lustrino on the roof

34th Giro d'Italia: Lancia van with the silhouette of Liquigas's puppet/GPL gas cylinder

Boneschi estate car for Pal hollow ground blades

34th Giro d'Italia: Fiat 1100 with Simmenthal canned meat customization

35th Giro d'Italia: Simmenthal's cow

Zoovit animal feed vehicle

Car advertising SIVAM, Società Italiana Veterinaria Agricola Milano

Fiat Topolino with the "glutton bear" drinking Campari Cordial

Car adverising Cora, with "Corasoda" customization

1938 Giro d'Italia: a Packard customized with bottles on the roof for Campari, in front of Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

A customization for Strega Alberti liquor

Coriasco bodyshop car, customized for Presbitero nibs and color pencils

A Fiat 1100 EL customized by Scall, Turin, for UTET publishing house

(via Italian Ways)


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