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December 15, 2014

Black and White Photographs of Daily Life in Tokyo, Japan in 1950

That's what everyday life of Tokyo looked like in the 1950s.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur kisses the white-gloved hand of Madame Chiang Kai-shek on August 7, 1950 just before he departed from Taipei, Formosa for Tokyo after a conference with Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and Nationalist government leaders. (AP Photo)

On orders of General MacArthur, Japanese police closed Communist Party daily paper in Tokyo on June 26, 1950, for 30 days because, MacArthur said, of 'its perversion of the truth in discussing the Korean situation.'” (AP Photo)

Inside the compound of the headquarters of the Japanese Red Cross in Tokyo (Shiba Park district) on June 3, 1950 as the Communists inspired workers met to demonstrate against the arrest of eight men charged with attacking a group of American soldiers in Tokyo on Memorial Day. The crowd was orderly and no reports of violence or disturbance was reported. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

Students of the Red organized at the rally on the Imperial Palace Plaza in Tokyo on May 30, 1950, trying to rush some of the men sought by white helmet military policemen. In the foreground is one of the American soldiers grappling with the students. (AP Photo)

Close up of the express engine Tsubame in Tokyo station on April 19, 1950. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

View of the kitchen on the Japan Railways Corporation express train with service to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe from Tokyo on April 19, 1950. Western style meals are served including '“T'” bone steaks and French fries with cocktails at a price. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

A sandwich girl who carries a sign proclaiming a new type of club where folks who work nights can come and enjoy themselves during the day, stops to adjust the bells on her ankles in Tokyo, March 19, 1950. The cafe hours are from 1 to 6 p.m. and Japanese beer sells for 320 yen. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

Near the railroad station a group of unfortunate Japanese squatters all bundled up in rags sit in front of their make-shift homes – some straw matting placed against the wall to break the cold wind in Tokyo on March 19, 1950. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

The heads all painted and the hair glued on, this Tokyo doll maker gets dolls ready for dressing in Tokyo on Jan. 26, 1950. Japan'’s doll makers are busy as girls day draws near. It is celebrated on April 3. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

The change of season, or '“Setsubun,'” is celebrated in traditional fashion at the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo on Feb. 9, 1950 as a geisha girl, a sumo wrestler and other prominent personalities throw out roasted beans to the crowd that has gathered. As the beans are scattered, the person who tosses chants or sings: '“Devil outside, good luck inside.'” Custom is part of the temple festivities and Merry-making which greet the change of season, which comes on February 3 in Japan. To be chosen as one of the bean-throwers at the annual temple rites is considered a great honor, for which geishas, wrestlers, movie actresses and other public figures vie. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

Beauty parlor in the Shmbashi district (Tokyo'’s number one geisha district) as the girls get ready for the New Year parties and celebrations they will attend in the evening on Jan. 4, 1950. (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

This is one of the 46 men who were released by the army in Tokyo, as part of SCAP'’s plan to free men who have served over 3 years and have good behavior records, this former Japanese POW guard as he walked out of the gates of Sugamo prison with his wife and young son in Tokyo, Dec. 30, 1949. (AP Photo)

To draw the public'’s attention to a new line of bathing suits, a Tokyo department store uses live models to show off the suits, June 5, 1950. The rain didnÂ’t bother the curious and both the girls and the crowd seemed to like the idea of staring at each other through the glass. (AP Photo)

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  1. Usually when one sees the pictures of an earlier generations beauties we notice the change in what is called attractiveness. However in this case those are attractive legs hands down.




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