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December 27, 2014

14 Interesting Vintage New Year's Cards From the Late 19th Century

The holiday season comes upon us around the month of December and this is the time when there is cheer and gaiety amongst all as they gear up to welcome the New Year. Different people have different ways of celebrating the New Year and no matter the type it is always fun-filled.

This is also the time to express our love and concern for our near and dear ones and what better way to do so than by sending New Year cards. Earlier, cards used to be sent to family and friends staying far and away but today the trend has changed.

Today, cards are given to all the close ones irrespective of their distance. There can be no great feeling than receiving a personalized card which expresses love and affection from the bottom of your heart.

A Happy New Year, 1876, Henry M. Bloser

A. C. Krider, Happy New Year, 1882

A Happy New Year, 1876

A Happy New Year, 1879

Happy New Year! 20 for 10 Cents

A Happy New Year, 1879

A Happy New Year, 1879

A Happy New Year, 1879

A Happy New Year, Card No. 12, 12 for 10c.

A Happy New Year, 12 for 12 Cents

A Happy New Year, Will D. Reiber

A Happy New Year, Oscar C. Schloerb

A Happy New Year, F. E. Grave

Happy New Year, John Wanamaker, Grand Depot, Philadelphia, Pa.

(Images via Alan Mays)

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