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November 9, 2014

Rare Pictures of Charlie Chaplin Hanging Out With Famous People

Charlie Chaplin - Hollywood legend, Knight of the British Empire, friend and colleague to geniuses and celebrities throughout the 20th century. Here are some rare pictures of Charlie Chaplin hanging out with his famous friends.

Charlie Chaplin with actress Mary Pickford, actor Douglas Fairbanks, and film director D.W. Griffith on the day they formed United Artists in 1919.

Charlie Chaplin with the great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, 1925.

Nancy Astor (Lady Astor), the first woman to serve as a Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons; Charlie Chaplin; Britain's greatest airwoman, Amy Johnson; and playwright George Bernard Shaw at Lady Astor's home, 1931.

Novelist, short story writer, and historian H.G. Wells (right) with Chaplin (seated) and friends.

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin at the premiere of Chaplin's masterpiece, "City Lights," 1931. Of the crowds that followed them, separately and when they attended events together, Chaplin told Einstein, "People cheer me because they all understand me, and they cheer you because nobody understands you."

Charlie Chaplin Paulette Goddard

From left to right: Chaplin; newspaper columnist Harry Crocker; songwriter Adolf Green and Chaplin's new bride, Oona O'Neill at Charlie and Oona's wedding reception in 1943.

Charlie Chaplin meets the legendary Al Jolson at the El Morocco nightclub in New York, 1947.

Winston Churchill with his family and Chaplin at the Churchill home in Kent, 1931.

Charlie Chaplin meets Mahatma Gandhi in London in 1931.

Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando during filming "A Countess From Hong Kong," 1967.

Charlie Chaplin with Sophia Loren at his birthday party in 1966.



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