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November 5, 2014

Vintage Photographs of Life in Russia from between 1900s and 1910s

A celebration in a Caucasian Aoul or village, ca. 1900.

Men and boys, sitting on the floor outside their homes, making baskets, ca. 1900s.

Trading activity in a village, ca. 1900s.

A doctor with a patient in a dark house, probably in a village, 1900s.

Portrait of an old Pope, front of the entrance of his house in a village, ca. 1900s.

Old Popes and women are sitting together, ca. 1900s.

Portrait of a Russian citizen of the empire of Nicolas II, probably living in a village, ca. 1900s.

Portrait of the crew of Standart, had over 300 members, dedicated solely to the service of the imperial yacht Tsar Nicholas II and his family used for private travel or for official travel. Here, the crew behind the Tsarevich Alexei pose in the center of the photo, 1906.

Tsarina Alexandra with three of her children: Alexeï, Anastasia & Maria. 1908.

A sled for six Romanovs, ca. 1907-08.

Time of happiness for Nicolas and Alexeï, ca. 1907-08. Tsar Nicolas II Romanov and his son, his heir, small Tsarevich Alexei, 6. Staying at the beautiful on their own yacht, Standartd, off the coast of the Baltic Sea, the Tsar took a walk with his family on an island. Moment of complicity of a loving father with his son, more precious and fragile as crystal, as hemophilia. And even if it is to protect the other children, it is like any other little boy, who loves to be his dad. This photo is taken from the personal albums of the Romanov family.

Alexandra Fyodorovna Romanov welcomed by officers for a cruise in her yacht, 1908.

Market place in Moscow, 1909. Paisants who come to town to selle their vegetables.

Market place in Moscow, Russia, 1909.

Market place in Moscow, Russia, 1909.

Street strawberry vendors in Moscow, 1909.

Men in civilian or military uniform, cross elegant women of high society in Moscow, 1909.

Custody of Tsar Nicolas II, 1909.

Portrait of a Russian Cavalry Officer and his family, ca. 1910s.

1910s Slavic faces of Russian officers. They bear the mustache as the Tsar, pair of boots and traditional blouses, as are all men in Russia, simply embellished with epaulets.

A view of Moscow, 1910.

A sign of respect for Alexandra Feodorovna Romanov, 1911.

Detachment of grenadiers stand in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior awaiting the arrival of the royal family in honor of the centennial of the Patriotic War, 1912.

Russian soldiers held in a German camp, 194-18.

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