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November 8, 2014

Amazing Photographs That Capture Daily Life at Club 57 in the Late 1970s and Early '80s

Club 57 was one of the first truly avant-garde night clubs and performance spaces in the New York City's East Village. From 1979 through 1983, Club 57 played host for countless venues and was the source of immeasurable of creative experimentation. With a slight punk and alternative edge, the club provided a forum that encouraged artists to push the creative boundaries through all possible forms and mediums. For many years Club 57 was by managed by Ann Magnuson.

Harvey Wang, just 23 when he began to photograph Club 57, frequented the club regularly and documented many of the events and personalities unique to it. As part of the stable of Club 57 regulars, Wang unofficially played the role of 'official photographer.' Wang's photographs provide a stark, dramatic record of nights at Club 57 that many remember only dimly. Wang was remarkably prescient. As he documented the scene, he had a sense that the club was an incubator of ideas that would ultimately have far-reaching significance.

Club 57 at 57 St. Mark's Place, 1980

Ann Magnuson on Elvis Night

Tseng Kwong Chi as Elvis

Outside Club 57

Ann spinning the cocktail mix du noir

Susan Hannaford at her wedding party

"Night at the Opry"

House band - Kai, Jimmy, and Kjeld

Dany Johnson on "Putt Putt Reggae Night"

Ann Magnuson, "Lady Wrestling Night"

Charlotte Slivka, "Lady Wrestling Night"

Tom Scully, Snooky & Tish, "Lady Wrestling Night"

Klaus Nomi

Ann Magnuson, Wendy Wild as Barbie and the Heftones

John Sex

Playboy Bunny Lounge Night

Giorgio at "Night at the Opry"

Monster Movie Night

Ann Magnuson and Deb O'Nair at "Frosted Mini Prom"

Keith Haring and Tseng Kwong Chi

James Chance, Pat Place, with Anya Phillips

The night John Lennon was murdered

East Village Honeymoon

Mary on the eve of the election

Little Italy moment

Star of the film "The Warriors"


Son of Sam nabbed

(Photos © Harvey Wang)



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