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December 1, 2014

Beautiful Black and White Portrait Photography of Swedish from the 1930s

Einar Erici was a skilful amateur photographer. His main motifs were churches and church organs, according to his field of science. The photos were taken during the first half of the 20th century on his travels across Sweden. Most of them are from the provinces of Gotland and Uppland.

However, main focus of the set will be on another and quite different field of Erici as a photographer. He also took photos of people, mostly of older men wearing beards. These ordinary Swedish men are posing for the camera, just standing still, or performing some activity, like playing the guitar, making shoes, or gardening. Sometimes their wives and families, as well as their homes, appear in the pictures. The photos of people are mainly from the 1930s.

(Photos: Einar Erici, via Swedish National Heritage Board)


  1. There must be som degree of mix-up here. Some of these people look russian, for example the priests/monks and one picture shows a russian orthodox cross with the low slanted crossbar.

  2. They could be ethnic Russians from Finland.

  3. What company provided the prototype car I wonder?....

  4. Swedish" is an adjective or it is a noun only when referring to a language. Since you can't take a photograph of a language and an adjective can't be the object of a preposition, there's ESL at work here. Unworthy intro to beautiful pictures.

  5. That's a 1969 Buick concept

  6. I agree. Two monks are definitely russians, as well as the church. But maybe there was a russian skete somewhere in Sweden, where the pictures were taken.

  7. They capitalized every word in the sentence, not just "swedish"...

  8. I'm not aware of any Russian orthodox skete in Sweden; to my knowledge there has never been any large number of russians living in the country.

  9. Some of these photos are not from Sweden. Erici visited the Valamo, or Valaam Monastery in Russian Karelia among other parts of Karelia, witch is part Russian, part Finnish. Finland was a part of Sweden until 200 years ago, and Swedish is still an official language of Finland.




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