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November 3, 2014

Anne Frank: Her Life in Pictures, Some of Them Are Rare That You May Not Have Seen Before

Anne Frank (1929-1945) was a teen writer who went into hiding during World War Two to avoid the Nazis. She was one of over one million Jewish children who died in the Holocaust. After her death, Anne becomes world famous because of her wartime diary "The Diary of a Young Girl" she wrote while in hiding.

“One day this terrible war will be over. The time will come when we will be people again and not just Jews! We can never be just Dutch, or just English, or whatever, we will always be Jews as well. But then, we'll want to be.” - April 9, 1944, an excerpt from "The Diary of Anne Frank."

We take a look at her life through pictures.

Anne Frank 12 years old - May 1942.

Anne Frank with three friends. Beekbergen, summer 1941. Left to right: Anne, Tineke Gatsonides, Sanne and Barbara Ledermann.

A photograph of the Frank family taken on the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam, May 1941. Left to right: Margot, Otto, Anne and Edith.

Anne Frank, 11 years old - May 1941.

Anne Frank writing at her desk in her room in the Merwedeplein apartment, Amsterdam.

Anne Frank with her teacher and two fellow pupils at the 6th Montessori School in Amsterdam. From left to right: Martha v.d Berg, Miss Godron, Anne and Rela Salomon.

Anne Frank (left) and her friend Hanneli Goslar on the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam. May 1940.

Anne Frank with Isa's dog Dopy in Laren, The Netherlands.

 Margot (left) and Anne Frank on the beach at Zandvoort in the Netherlands, August 1940.

Anne Frank, 10 years old – May 1940.

Anne with Inge Kurpershoek at Isa Cauvern-Monas home in Laren.

Anne's 10th birthday on 12 June 1940. Anne Frank and friends on the Merwedeplein Amsterdam. From left to right: Lucie van Dijk - Anne - Sanne Ledermann - Hanneli Goslar - Juultje Ketellapper - Käthe Egyedi (Kitty Gokkel-Egyedi) - Mary Bos - Ietje Swillens - Martha v.d. Berg

Margot and Anne (near left) on the beach at Zandvoort with their grandmother Ida, 1939.

Anne Frank, 9 years old - May 1939.

Anne Frank, 8 years old - May 1938.

Anne Frank with a rabbit in Amsterdam.

Anne (2nd from left) with friends in the sandbox in July 1937.

Margot (3rd from right) and Anne Frank (2nd from right) with a group of children on the beach in Belgium.

Margot Frank and her friend Hetty Ludel at the skating rink in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank, 7 years old - May 1937.

A school photo of Anne Frank at the 6th Montessori School in Amsterdam, which she attends from 1933 to 1941.

Anne (right) with friends on the Merwedeplein.

Anne Frank, 6 years old - May 1936.

Anne Frank during a holiday in Sils-Maria in Switzerland.

Anne Frank (right) and her friend Sanne Ledermann in front of Anne's home on the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam.

Left to right: Sanne Ledermann, Hanneli Goslar, two unknown girls, Anne and Margot Frank, two unknown girls in Amsterdam.

 Anne Frank, 5 years old - May 1935.

Anne (left) and Margot (2nd from right) play with German Jewish friends during a visit to Gabrielle Kahn (right).

Margot, Anne and Edith with Mrs Schneider (behind) on the beach.

Anne Frank (in the middle at the back wearing a white dress) with her class at the 6th Montessori School in Amsterdam.

Anne and Margot Frank wearing their summer vests in Aachen.

Anne Frank, 4 years old - May 1933.

Anne, Edith and Margot on the Hauptwache square in the center of Frankfurt am Main in March 1933.

Anne, Edith and Margot Frank, Frankfurt am Main, 10 March 1933.

Grace with Margot and Anne Frank in the Spring of 1932 in Frankfurt am Main.

Anne Frank, 2 or 3 years old - 1932.

Otto Frank with daughters Margot and Anne on his knee. Frankfurt am Main, 1931.

Edith with Anne in the garden of their house on the Ganghoferstrasse. Frankfurt am Main, 1931.

Margot Frank with neighbourhood children in fancy dress in Frankfurt am Main, 1931.

Anne Frank. Frankfurt am Main, 1931.

Anne Frank, 2 years old - 1931.

Margot and Anne with children from the neighbourhood. Frankfurt am Main, september 1930.

Anne Frank, 1 year old - 1930.

Käthi Stilgenbauer, Margot Frank, Ilse Angrick, Mrs Dassing, Anne Frank, Edith Frank, Rosemarie Angrick and Gertrud Naumann, 1929.

Margot Frank with her new baby sister Anne.

Anne Frank, 0 years old - June 1929.

(Photos © Anne Frank Fonds, Bazel / Anne Frank Stichting, Amsterdam)


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