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October 22, 2014

16 Interesting Vintage Photos of Hollywood Actresses Posing in Halloween Costumes From the 1930s

Halloween provides a chance for celebrities to put on their costumes, and once in a while, those getups are actually the guises of other well-known stars.

Anne Gwynne & Peggy Moran, c.1939

Betty Grable, c.1932

Betty Grable, c.1932

Dorothy Dix, c.1930s

June Collyer, c.1930

June Knight, c.1938

June Marlowe, c.1930s

Muriel Evans, c.1930s

Myrna Loy, c.1930s

Nancy Carroll, c.1930s

Nancy Carroll, c.1930s

Nancy Carroll, c.1934

Paramount starlets: Lillian Roth, Marion Shilling and Rosita Moreno, c.1930s

Paulette Goddard, c.1939

Rita Hayworth, c.1938

Virginia Bruce, c.1932


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  2. The eyes say it all...especially the one who didn't look at camera!

  3. Interesting...I was actually going to comment that they all look disturbed/angry to some degree.

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  8. Lisa Strahan LeDouxJuly 4, 2015 at 11:15 AM

    I was curious about your link since I make a point of never debating unless I'm well informed on a subject. I thought I was informed as to what feminism is, but then I thought, "This guy talks like a troll asshole, but maybe he knows something I don't." Whoa! It's...rambling and explains very little. Where are the facts to back up your points? It sounds like it was written by a paranoid schizofrenic in the middle of a breakdown. Have you tried medication?

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  10. Is it a coincidence that not one of these women are even remotely attractive? I guess hate makes a person ugly from inside out!




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