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October 6, 2014

Rare Behind the Scenes Photos of "Dr Strangelove"

Rare on-set images give a glimpse of great minds at work as Stanley Kubrick and Peter Sellers film Dr Strangelove in 1964.

Peter Sellers (centre) shares a joke with cast and crew in Ken Adam’s famous war room set.

Stanley Kubrick directs gunmen during the scene in which US forces lay siege to their own airforce base.

Kubrick on set.

A pensive moment with Peter Sellers out of character. Sellers plays three roles: Royal Air Force captain Lionel Mandrake, US president Merkin Muffley and the eccentric German scientist Dr Strangelove.

Kubrick shares his vision with camera operator Kelvin Pike and the director’s wife Christiane Kubrick. Kubrick married Christiane after casting her as the German singer in the moving finale of Paths of Glory (1957).

Kubrick behind the camera for the scene in which US general Buck Turgidson (George C. Scott) cavorts with his lover, Miss Scott (Tracy Reed).

Framing a high-angle shot of Tracy Reed (playing Miss Scott) in Turgidson’s bed.

Kubrick watches through the viewfinder.

A leisurely moment between takes with Kubrick chatting to Peter Sellers (in the guise of President Muffley).

Actor Slim Pickens gets into position on the atomic bomb. Clutching his cowboy hat, Major T. J. ‘King’ Kong (Pickens) will ride the bomb as it is dropped onto its Soviet target – truly a horseman of the apocalypse.

(via BFI)


  1. I love this pictures! !!!

  2. Loved the cemetery photo with flowers on a grave.

  3. Probably hasn't changed much!

  4. Women were so damn sexy back then

  5. I saw two of my home town!




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