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October 3, 2014

Intimate Behind the Scenes Photos of 1950s Pin-up Models Prepping for Photoshoots

These candid behind-the-scenes shots shed light on the efforts that pin-up girls went to before a photoshoot. The intimate black and white snaps show the women lifting weights, being fitted for costumes and doing their hair.

Because color film was more expensive during the mid-20th century, the majority of pin-up images were produced in black and white. Some were then transformed into colorful illustrations by artists, the most notable pin-up painters being Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas and Zoe Mozert. The saucy results made their way on to advertising billboards, calendars, matchbooks and playing cards among other objects.

An unidentified woman doing bench presses while wearing a very scanty piece of gym kit before her photocall.

A lingerie-clad brunette is seen smiling in the mirror as she adjusts her hair.

A raven-haired beauty gets her waist and chest strapped up by an assistant in a bid to achieve an hourglass figure.

This model appears to be getting a personal training session from an instructor.

After doing thigh-toning exercises on the floor, the blonde moves on to a weight-lifting session.

After her gym workout, the model gets measured-up.

Part of the pin-up girl's sex appeal was her ability to make everyday actions look provocative, even if that meant simply posing in a studio.

Two models appear to be looking at images in a magazine, perhaps for inspiration, before getting up in front of the camera.

(via Daily Mail Online)




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