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October 24, 2014

23 Interesting Vintage Photos of Life of Huron County, Canada in the Late 19th Century

Here is an interesting collection of vintage photos that shows everyday life of Huron County, Canada from between the 1880s to 1890s.

Posed picture of four men and bicycles after crash on path; three women in background, ca. 1897.

A boy holding a stick contemplates hitting backside of a large man who is standing in front of fence reading a newspaper, ca. 1890.

Bathing in Lake Huron, ca. 1897.

Two women laying among foliage; both wear long-sleeved blouses with ties at neck; woman in front lays across the lap of the other; two hats in foreground, wide-brimmed straw hat on left, hat trimmed with flowers on right.

Studio portrait of two children dressed for winter, ca. 1892.

Studio portrait of six men, facing front, in winter dress, all wearing hats, coats and gloves, ca. 1883.

Group photo of seventeen men and women in park setting, ca. 1897.

Posed group portrait of fourteen men and women; figures alternate between men and women with men seated on bicycles, ca. 1897.

Group portrait of thirteen men and women, facing front, ca. 1897.

Fifteen men and women seated on porch; many wearing hats or holding holding instruments, ca. 1897.

Group portrait of five men, some of whom are dressed women's bathing attire posed building a pyramid on beach, ca. 1897.

On the bluffs, ca. 1897.

Scene of Port Albert harbour; people in three canoes in middleground.

Two young girls in studio portrait.

Twenty-five women, most wearing light blouses, standing in back row; nineteen men, not wearing hats, seated in foreground.

Farmer riding a disc pulled by a team of horses.

Steam ship in Monarch, Goderich Harbour.

Coming around curve in grove, Goderich.

Studio portrait of five young women.

Parade of bicycles in centre of streetscape, Goderich.

Group portrait of 81 students and teachers in front of frame building, Dungannon School.

Group portrait of 67 students and teachers in front of frame building, School Number 5, Colborne.

Group portrait of family gathering, ca. 1888.

(Photos by Reuben R. Sallows, via Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol)


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