October 1, 2014

Amazing Vintage Photos of Street Life in London from the Victorian Era

These incredible snapshots of life for Londoners in Victorian Britain were taken by photojournalist John Thomson in 1877.

Photography on Clapham Common

The street locksmith

A convicts home

The dramatic shoe black

Convent garden labourers

The temperance sweep

Street Doctor

Street advertsing

Suffereres from the floods in Lambeth

Donkey for hire on Clapham Common

Workers on the "silent highway" (boatmen on Thames)

Dealer in fancy ware (jewelry, imitating gems and ornaments)

"Tickets", The Card Dealer

"Hookey Alf" of Whitechapel

Cheap fish of Giles's

London Cabmen

Mush-Fakers and ginger-beers

London Nomades

Covent Garden flower women

Public disinfectors

The independent shoe black

"Carey" the clown

The Crawlers

The flying dustmen

Black Jack

Cast-Iron Billy (a driver, holding whip)

The Water-Cart

The London Boardmen

An old clothes shop, Seven Dials

Italian street musicans

The wall-worker

The seller of shell-fish

Halfpenny Ices

November effigies

Recruiting Sergeants at Westminster

(via Mirror)


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