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September 12, 2014

Vintage Photos of Children Enjoying Tea Parties

Kids have been enjoying miniature tea parties with their friends and dolls for a long time!

Girls having a tea party with their dolls, ca. 1900. (Library of Congress)

Queensland tea party, 1900-1910. (State Library of Queensland)

Little girls complete with fancy tea hats in Marlborough, Queensland, Australia, 1900-1910. (State Library of Queensland)

A family tea party in Queensland, Australia, ca. 1918. (State Library of Queensland)

Two girls and two boys have tea on a front lawn, 1918. (UA Archives - Upper Arlington Public Library)

A little girl pouring tea for her doll, 1918, Queensland, Australia. (State Library of Queensland)

Two dressed-up girls at a tea party, ca. 1909. (Library of Congress)

Triplets have a tea party, probably Alberta, Canada, 1950s. (Galt Museum)

A Japanese kids' tea party, 1890-1923. (Library of Congress)

A tea party in Seattle, Washington, 1897. (University of Washington Libraries)

A little girl has tea with three dolls and a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, 1930s. (State Library of Queensland)

(via The Passion of Former Days)



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